Students walked out of class Monday at several Montgomery County high schools to protest president-elect Donald Trump.

The walkout started at about 11 a.m. MCPS officials said students from Montgomery Blair, Northwood, and Albert Einstein High Schools participated. Those who marched in the protest said students from Wheaton and John F. Kennedy also were involved.

The massive crowd started at Montgomery Blair's school stadium, where they were allowed to protest and rally, but students suddenly walked off campus.

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Sky9 captured video of students holding signs and walking from school to University Blvd in Wheaton. They blocked traffic on University Blvd, went to Westfield Wheaton Mall, continued south on Georgia Ave towards downtown Silver Spring and ended at Veteran's Plaza.

School officials said the walkout was organized by students. They said no teachers were involved and they continued teaching as students walked out.

Up to 500 students participated in the protest. Some were heard chanting "we reject the president-elect."

“It doesn’t matter how old you are…your voice could be heard,” one student said. “We decided to cut time from school to make sure our voices are heard. They are hearing us.”

“It is amazing that we could get all these people together, we have all different races, all different schools, ages…us and the silent majority that can’t vote, we found a way to express ourselves,” a Blair High School student said.

Bystanders were also seen shouting out words of encouragement.

“Even though it was mostly high schoolers that were walking, we had a lot of cheering and honking from adults all over,” a student said. “People that were working, stepping out of their houses to raise their fists.”

At one point, Pastor Jeffery O. Thames joined the protest.

“We want the children to realize what their political power is and how to utilize their voices,” Thames said.

According to Montgomery County Public Schools, most of the students will be disciplined unless they have an excused absence from their parents.

"We offered the students a safe space to protest at school in the stadium, but once the students walk off it changes the dynamic," Director of Public Information with MCPS, Derek Turner said.

Police, worried about the safety of the students, advised them to stay out of the roadways. Students said they appreciated the police presence and were happy the police gave them an outlet to express themselves.

Another protest is planned for Tuesday.

(WARNING: Video below may contain language that is offensive to some viewers.)