Montgomery County Police detectives arrested a 35-year-old Prince George’s County man for human trafficking and believe there are more underage victims out there.

Police said Atuan Rogers of Fort Washington, with the help of 19-year-old Dierra Thomas, forced a 15-year-old girl to have sex with men for money. According to charging documents, the victim had “full service and oral sex” for about $200 a job.

She told police she worked for the pair nearly three months and serviced nearly 290 clients at the Days Inn and adjoining Travelodge on 13th Street in Silver Spring starting in January.

“I have seen young girls coming back and forth with dudes,” Ashley Coleman said.

Coleman is looking for a new apartment and has been staying at the Days Inn on 13th Street in Silver Spring for a couple of weeks now and she’s not only seen too much, she’s been approached.

“I had to literally defend myself saying, ‘I am not that type of female, don’t approach me that way,’ especially with my children,” she recalled.

“I don’t know what type of program we can offer young girls to keep them off the street,” Coleman said. “But if [hotel owners] see a young girl coming in with an older man to rent a room, you know that’s not her father.”

“The Holiday Inn on New York Avenue is the main one,” she said. “They try to keep it a secret but all you have to do is drive up and down Georgia Avenue and open your eyes, you’ll know.”