A home nurse is facing jail time after Montgomery County police said she stole valuable jewelry from an elderly patient.

Thirty-seven year old Elizabeth Johnson, was supposed to take care of 88-year-old Rae Silbert as she recovered from back surgery earlier this year.

"I was hospitalized for about 6 weeks," Silbert explained. "I came home and I had to have help."

For weeks, one healthcare worker lived with Silbert, but she needed time off - so Silbert's daughter, Marcy, temporarily hired Johnson through a private company.

Johnson, by Marcy's account, "said all the right things" and did not have a criminal record.

But within hours of leaving the house, Marcy said Johnson violated the trust.

As Silbert napped in a TV room, Johnson allegedly snuck into her bedroom and took four pieces of jewelry - including an engagement ring from her late husband.

"I'm upset about all of them," Silbert said, "particularly about the engagement ring."

Marcy said she hid most of her mothers jewelry as a precaution, but she didn't know about the small box holding the rings.

"I just feel awful about it," she said.

The Silberts hope they can find the engagement ring, but believe they were sold when Johnson traveled overseas.

Police charged the health care worker with one count of theft. She's was arrested August 2 and released on $1,000 bond.

Detectives believe Johnson may have victimized other patients, and are asking "anyone who believes that he/she was a victim or has any information about a victim to call the 4th District Investigative Section at 240-773-5531."