The denizens of D.C. have taken on transportation troubles with sass and snark. Take the website, Is Metro On Fire? Or the Twitter account, @unsuckdcmetro.

Perhaps Northern Virginia is more to the point, when it comes to one of the most infamous interstates in the country.

Should I take I-66 today? That’s the name of a new website analyzing toll data from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). The site comes after drivers paid north of $40 in December, when new tolls took effect within the Beltway.

VDOT offers a smartphone app that projects toll costs for commutes. But the new website, created by a Virginia resident, shows how tolls rise and fall during the day – resembling a chart of the stock market from the opening to closing bell.

Graphics on the site show toll amounts in real time, appearing in bold red text if the dollar amounts surge above the daily average.

Drivers can simply look at the line graphs to find the less pricey “valleys” – indicating the lowest prices during least traveled timeframes.

The developer said on the social media website Reddit that his project is in the preliminary stages of development and more detailed data will be added in the future.