News of the dropped rape charges quickly swept through Rockville High School Friday afternoon, angering some. 

"'I oppose that that's for sure. They deserve to be deported," said one guardian as he left the school. "That's a bunch of BS."

Confusion and shock for some as rape and sexual assault charges were dropped against two immigrant students from a March 16 incident.

The accusation that a 14-year-old girl was raped and sodomized inside the doors of her own school outraged a community and put Rockville High School in the national spotlight.

Some accepted the justice system.

"I guess the law knows what to do" said a parent.

Jose Montano and Henry Sanchez instead were charged Friday with pornography, after new evidence emerged in court including security camera footage.

Following the incident, Montgomery County Public Schools have done a security review at six high schools including Rockville High School.

Other high schools will follow and then middle and elementary schools in the county. 

The superintendent released a statement Friday saying he hopes thoughts and prayers continue especially for the female student in the middle of all this. He also hopes the school will finish Rockville Strong.