Officials in Montgomery County are investigating after learning that some middle school students sent nude photos of themselves to a stranger on Snapchat.

Montgomery County school officials report that this unknown person then takes the images and posts them on a website that requires a password to unlock.

County police trying to identify a suspect and learn how many schools and children are involved.

Gboyinde Onijala, with Montgomery County Public Schools, said parents must talk to their children about online safety.

"Have an open and honest conversation with your child about what social media platforms they are on and the apps they use," Onijala said. "You need to agree as a family if you are going to have access to your kids' accounts to monitor their usage."

"If you decide not to go that route, remind them about their online reputation. Make sure your children know whatever they post online is forever and accessible by anyone," she added. "Snapchat seems anonymous and it won't be shared with people who don't follow you, but people can take a screenshot of something you post and put that image anywhere. It all boils down to having open and honest conversations with your children and teaching them about their online reputation and digital footprint."

For more resources for parents, Montgomery County Public Schools partners with "Common Sense Education' to provide resources for students to safely engage online. Click here for details.