WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A Capitol Hill church worker is dead, her daughter motherless, despite a judge's order that was supposed to keep her ex-boyfriend away from her.

Police say Donald Hairston invaded Stephanie Goodloe's home on Kentucky Avenue Saturday and killed her. He was in court Monday on a charge of first degree murder while armed.

"Stephanie didn't deserve...." said her next door neighbor, Lucinda Shepperson, her voice trailing off as she started to cry.

Grieving friends have left flowers, balloons, and a poster: "We love you sooo much. We will forever remember your smile."

Goodloe had lived in the house since she was a child. She'd worked with children as a youth programs director at two different churches in Northwest DC.

"After this happened, I couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep," said Shepperson. "I went to the grocery store, all I could tink about was Stephanie. It shouldn't have happened. Just shouldn't have happened."

In her application for a restraining order, Stephanie Goodloe said Hairston had gone to her house at three in the morning, June 4, banging on the door, ringing the doorbell, yelling her name. It started at 3am, but she wrote he came back two or three more times. And when she finally went out around noon, she found three of the tires on her car slashed.

Goodloe had been due back in Monday to ask for a permanent restraining order against Hairston, a man with a long criminal record.

Instead, he was in court alone, on a charge of first degree murder while armed. Police say he returned the the townhouse he once shared with Goodloe and her daughter and shot her repeatedly.

"He knew she had a child. Why would he do a thing like that?" asked Shepperson, the anger rising in her voice. "This child is going to have to be raised by someone else without a mother."

And why, she asked, was the system unable to protect her?

Goodloe's pastor described her as private, quiet and incredibly smart. The kind of person children loved to confide in.