Not everyone has the cleanest locker in the Redskins' locker room, and Rob Kelley is proof of that.

Sports anchor Darren Haynes, got a peak into the locker of Redskins' running back Rob Kelley, also known as Fat Rob.

The first thing we noticed was the amount of dirty clothes that Kelley had in his locker. He tells us, "If you play football you have to have dirty clothes, unless you're not a real baller."

Who knew that balling and dirty clothes went hand in hand?

Even though dirty clothes did take up the majority of his locker he had a few other interesting items.

His Spray Ground trendy backpack was a nice touch to show his artistic side. Although he made note to mention that it was quite expensive, and we didn't know anything about that.

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But we do know about football. So when he showed us all of his pairs of cleats, we were very impressed.

Kelley also showed us his Redskins' helmet that he customized by adding a visor. The visor is so people can't see him, but he can see everyone else.

We learned quite a lot about the Redskins' star player but the most important thing he shared with us was, "Dirty clothes are the key to being an NFL player unless you're going to be like Vernon Davis."

Was that a little bit of shade?