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Program brings horseback riding to the inner city

Organizers are looking for a permanent location to help share the joy of horseback riding with young people in Washington D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — The story of bringing rodeo to the inner city starts in the car and a quick half hour drive from southeast D.C. to Upper Marlboro - to the farm Selina Brown board her horse, Blue. She can't stop smiling when she sees him. She loves talking to him, giving him kisses while she grooms him.

 “It’s just magical!” she exclaimed.  

Brown is one of the four Cowgirls of Color, the nation’s first African American all women rodeo team. The team competes in rodeos nationwide and now Brown’s dream of bringing the sport to the inner city is becoming a reality: she has been approved to share her love of horseback riding with young women in Washington D.C.

For many people living in the Southeast, the experience of nature and horses is out of reach because of a lack of transportation and funding.

But with Brown's help, that is about to change.

"It changed my life and now we know that it’s documented to be therapeutic, so we need to bring that to our kids,” explained Brown. “Being in the school system and in the rec [centers], I know kids don’t get out of their area so to come out and experience nature and experience these animals it is amazing.”  
But there is one hang up: a space. Brown has been working with Department of Parks and Recreation to try to secure a location. 

Location issues aside, Brown is excited to bring the healing love of hoses and nature to the inner city. 

Learn more about the equestrian program here.  If you would like to help contact donatetostand@gmail.com