Certainty is a rarity.

Though, at least one Prince William County business owner seems to be certain with who he's supporting in the 2016 Presidential race, at least based on the billboard-sized campaign signs on the property of the Gainesville Green Site on Route 29 in Gainesville.

The billboard reads "Trump vs the Wicked Witch of the West."

The implication seems to be that the "Wicked Witch" is Hillary Clinton, although that is not actually stated anywhere. DaNeen Wallman of Gainesville responded rather politely.

"I think everybody has their opinion," she said.

"[Hillary] is not a witch,” Kim Cockerel said. “That's my personal opinion."

Cockerel, among others, wonders why politicians attack people instead of their policies.

"[The sign] is offensive. You shouldn't comment on a woman like that," said Subash Kunaruh.

"She's a person, she's a grandmother, she's a mother. You don't need a billboard up there making her out to be a witch," added Cockerel.

Others said, "lighten up" or "it's just a sign" or "that's politics" and of course "free speech."

"I don't think it's offensive at all. That just doesn't offend me," admitted Wallman.

Demovahn Seso agreed. He said, "It don't offend me at all. That's advertising."

Whatever message is being advertised here, it seems it doesn't always sink in.

"I saw [the sign] and I didn't even put two and two together," said Wallman about connecting Clinton to the "Wicked Witch" in the sign.

What is clear is that, for many, politics is personal. And dirty. Very dirty.