More accusations against the principal of a middle school in Prince William County have been reported.

This time it's not teachers speaking out, but a former vice principal.

He said the Prince William County school administration has known about this principals's abusive behavior for years.

"She was an equal opportunity bully. Abuser," said Dr.Simon King about the principal he worked with at Potomac Middle School in Woodbridge in 2013.

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King helped open the school in 2006 and said the motivated and talented staff brought it up to a school of excellence. Then in 2013, principal Alfie Turner arrived.

"Almost immediately the culture changed. People were no longer valued...she has a total disregard for the well being of another human being...I'm a patient person, but I've never met someone so evil," said King, who now works for D.C. Public Schools.

He said he's speaking out in support of the many teachers who've complained about Turner.

Turner has refused to talk to WUSA9, but her daughter said the complaints were racially-motivated toward her African American mother.

Not so, said Simon King.

"Our school at Potomac Middle was predominately staff...but black, white, you name it, Latino, it didn't matter. She felt the need to berate you or to belittle you. To be condescending. That's what she would do. And, I think for some strange way it made her feel more powerful or better about herself," said King.

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WUSA9 as talked to more than a dozen teachers at the three Prince William County schools where Turner has been principal: Potomac Middle, Coles Elementary and Ronald Reagan Middle School.

Susan Etheridge was a Special Ed teacher at Potomac in 2013. Simon King said Turner did not like his positive evaluation of Etheridge. He said Turner told him to change it. King said when he refused to do so, Turner told him he lacked loyalty to her.

King said not only was he belittled by Turner, but he witnessed her belittling teachers. He said when he refused to follow Turner's belittling of another teacher, Turner retaliated.

Eventually, he left PWCS, but now feels compelled to speak out.

"It's the right thing to do," he said. "And, if it could save someone else, from the traumatic experiences that I and many others have experienced, it's worth it."

PWCS has appointed an outside investigator to conduct a review of the allegations against Turner.

King said PWCS should be well-aware of the issues since teachers have been filling out surveys with complaints for years.