POTOMAC, Md. — Potomac neighbors can now travel on Belfast Road after a sinkhole destroyed the only road in and out of their development nearly a week ago.

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation said one lane of Belfast Road re-opened on Sunday, despite the large amount of work that still was ahead of them Saturday night.

In the meantime, the DOT is providing a shuttle to transport neighbors to and from their homes.

Driver James Snowden told WUSA 9 that he is on call 24-7 until the road opens.

“As wonderful as these shuttle people are, they’re just delightful and caring...I would guess it’s about a third of a mile from my door to get to the shuttle and it’s uphill, so if you have any kind of issues with mobility, it would be a problem," said Sharon Cooper, who lives in the stranded neighborhood.

Her husband had a stroke five weeks ago, so Cooper said he would not have been able to make the climb more than once.

The couple is staying in a hotel until Sunday.

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DOT crews told WUSA 9 that they're replacing the nearly 30-year-old corrugated metal pipes that caused the road to collapse with concrete ones.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.