A man was captured on a surveillance video setting a man's ambulance, which was not used for medical purposes, on fire over the weekend.

Just before 2 a.m. Saturday, a man with a mask and what appeared to be a bag in his hand, was seen on surveillance lurking in an alley between K and Parker Streets in Northeast, D.C.

The video shows the man walking Peter Luce's driveway. One minute later, he turns around and walks back and into his driveway.

Minutes later, the masked man is seen walking, then running away without the bag.

Shortly after, the neighbor's surveillance camera catches the ambulance going up in flames.

Luce and his girlfriend were up watching a movie at the time. He said they heard a loud, popping noise and ran outside. When they got out, the ambulance fully engulfed.

"It's terrifying," Luce said.

"I had no idea that someone would target this vehicle; maybe it was random who knows.

"We've never had an arson," he said.

"We've never had someone set anything on fire."

Luce is a part of the BeatBox D.C. non-profit, a group that supports the arts in the District. The organization used the ambulance as a mobile sound system and platform for different types of eye-popping structure. Luce and his team would bring the dressed up vehicle to block parties and community events like the H Street Festival.

He said he will have to meet with his team to discuss how they will start over.

"We're going to rebuild," he said.

This story is still developing as DC police and fire investigators continues to investigate.