People living in DC braved a wintry mix that hit the area on Saturday.

“It's snowing out here, but I have no fear,” Shane Brown sang.

Brown made up an original song and dance on the spot as the rain, snow, and sleet dropped from the sky.

“It was just like 70 degrees yesterday, and now it's freezing snow,” Devontae Torriente said.

Businesses along Wisconsin Avenue did their best to scrape the slushy mess from their sidewalks.

“Just make sure my customers will not fall down,” one restaurant manager explained.

WUSA9 took to Facebook live where some people were not happy about the weather.

“It's pretty nasty. I mean, I'm from Ohio so I've seen worse. But it's not pleasant,” one interviewee said.

The slush did not stop kids from playing, drivers from hitting the roadways, or at least two people from eating ice cream.

“Yeah. I don't know. I think it's a good time to eat ice cream. Sweetens up your day,” a man living in NW DC said.

Saturday was a day where pedestrians and drivers had to be prepared.

“Have good walking shoes on. You know? Always key,” Kristina Koch said.

“You want to make sure you're getting friction with the ground and just pay attention to where you're walking,” Torriente told WUSA9.

Whether people were walking, driving, or dancing like Shane – safety was a priority, especially in Saturday’s weather.