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Three friends reunite to feed health care workers, restaurant employees during pandemic

There's good stuff happening in our communities so we're highlighting good people doing great things.

WASHINGTON — Three friends from Maryland are raising money for local restaurants and feeding health care and front line workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Amanda Cohen, Chelsea Widerlite and Carly Steren are a group of remarkable young woman who are "FuelingTheFight" here in our area.

Amanda Cohen is studying to be a nurse at NYU. 

She said, "I’m doing it for all the amazing RNs that I hope to become one day,"

Chelsea Widerlite works in real estate investment.

"I really want to give back to my community in a way that I feel is best," she said.

Carly Steren is studying law at American University. 

She said, "We are fortunate enough to be able to make a difference in our community." 

These young women grew up in Maryland and became friends at Bullis High School in Potomac, Maryland.

They recently rekindled their ties to make a difference in these difficult times.

Cohen said, "I knew that the only people who could actually make this happen that I want to by my side are Carly and Chelsea."

Credit: Curbside Kitchen
Curbside Kitchen is helping deliver FuelTheFight DC meals.

 So group launched FuelTheFight – DC, a grass roots fundraising effort.

And it’s pretty simple.

People donate money to their Go Fund Me Campaign, then they buy food from local restaurants and it’s sent it to medical workers and emergency responders.

Steren said, "So the little things that we can do for the doctors and nurses to alleviate some of the stress of having to not only provide medical care but to be a support system for their patients as well it’s a small thing for us to do that makes a big difference."

Credit: FuelTheFight DC

"Being able to see the pictures of the nurses smiling with the food means a lot. I do not have the courage to be fighting coronavirus front on so I think the next best thing is to support those people so I think we’re doing the best we can and so I think it’s been pretty special," said Widerlite.

Credit: FuelTheFight DC

 "And you hear stories on TV where people are hoarding toilet paper or people or stealing medical supplies but with all those stories  there’s also something about this pandemic that is bringing out the best in people and I think that’s what fuel the fight DC and feel the fight as a whole represents," said Cohen.

Credit: FuelTheFight DC

 FuelTheFight DC has delivered 420 meals, worked with 9 different restaurants and delivered food to 9 different hospitals and urgent care centers.

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As of today, their Go Fund Me campaign has raised $16,000+ and their goal is $30,000.

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