ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Alexandria, Virginia sits just about 10 miles southwest of Washington, D.C.

According to Zillow, the average price for a home in Alexandria is $518,000. And in a city known for its wealth, a problem goes unnoticed.

Along Seminary Road in the west end of the city, you’ll find the Francis C. Hammond Middle School campus.That's where an entire population of students have to wonder where they're going to get their next meal from. 

At Hammond, 80 percent of the children live at or below the poverty line. 

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Food insecurity is a part of life for most of the students at Hammond. Majority of the people who live in the community have no idea.

Nearly two years ago, the WUSA9 IMPACT team decided that needed to change.

They partnered with several organizations to provide support to the school's weekend backpack program.

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Now, some of those same community members are back at the original site where they packed hundreds of meals, Oakland Baptist Church, carrying out the same mission. 

They want to make sure the students at Hammond don't have to worry about where their next meal will come from during Spring Break. 

"We have not yet put an end to that hunger. They're hungry everyday and we know these children are hungry everyday, said Deacon Harris, with Oakland Baptist Church. 

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One of the church members, Tarsha Sitton, also works for the Alexandria Health Department. The department is coming up on its 100 year celebration and wanted to do something special to support the community. 

"It breaks my heart, I just wish I could feed them all, but I can't," said Sitton. 

Sitton also has a son that attends Hammond Middle School so she sees many of these issues first-hand. 

The Alexandria Health Department has now partnered with the church. As they celebrate 100 years of service, they want to serve 100 kids with food. 

For the next week they will continue to collect donations to help support the school's backpack program. 

All items can be dropped of at Oakland Baptist Church in the Fellowship Hall. Volunteers will pack the bags next Friday, April 5th. They plan to deliver the backpacks to the school the next morning. 

Oakand Baptist Church is at 3408 King Street in Alexandria, Virginia.