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We're all in this together: Operation Senior Banners

There's good stuff happening in our communities so we're highlighting good people doing great things.

WASHINGTON — Clark Levine is the Senior Class President at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Fairfax, Virginia.

Levine said, “Ever since this whole COVID crisis started a lot of our seniors have been feeling down and depressed. So, I figured the best way that I could help my people the people that I was elected to represent is by creating some sort of morale booster and help us still feel connected and filled together in this broken world that we are living in now.”

A parent told him about families hanging banners in their windows during World War Two to show solidarity.

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Levine says he got inspired, grabbed construction paper and got to work.

“It was real simple. It was real easy but meaningful. It was a little bear paw print and a little 20, with purple and gold alternating colors and then a little brown Bruin bear paw print since the Bruins are our mascot at Lake Braddock," he said.

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The project is called “Operation Senior Banner” and Levine says they’ve distributed about two hundred banners so far.

He added, “Seeing the smiles on people’s faces just when they get their banner and you can see their face light up because it is like they have that feeling again that they are remembered that they are appreciated by the senior class by the school and just be able to see that I have a positive impact on them during this rough time.”

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