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We're all in this together: Real estate agents hosting free virtual trivia night raises $18k for local businesses

There's good stuff happening in our communities so we're highlighting good people doing great things.

WASHINGTON — UPDATE: The game on 4/27 raised $5350 bringing the total to $23,500.

UPDATE: To register for 12/15 2020 trivia night, visit http://www.fortheloveoftrivia.com/

John Coleman, Mariah Hensley and Tim holt are part of the Jason Martin Group real estate team. 

Coleman says they’re usually super busy this time of year, but when business bogged down, the team got a little stir crazy. 

So, they started an online Virtual Trivia Night to support local businesses.

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Coleman said, "It all got started because we were looking for something fun to do."
In its first week, Hensley says 80 teams signed up and they raised five thousand dollars.

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She said, “We had such great feedback and people were just honestly the gratitude that was expressed for, thank you for so much for doing this. It’s a little escape from quarantine right now it was just so positive and overwhelming that we decided come back another week and then another week and here we are after four we still going."

You can sign up at fortheloveoftrivia.com

Each game has six rounds of questions and benefits 3 local merchants.

And while the games are free, Coleman says it’s the donations making the difference.

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He said, "Most of it is somewhere between five and $25 so it’s if you have death by 1,000 cuts this is more like love by 1,000 Band-Aids. People are giving their little pieces and having fun with it."

“Last week we had Hill’s kitchen and we had Labyrinth which is a bookstore and even though they’re not really competitive like they sell two different things they had smack talk going on oh we’re gonna kick your butt and all that stuff it was a lot of fun,” Coleman said.

Realtor Tim Holt works on the technical side and says folks as far away as Australia are tuning in.

“We just love every minute of it when it’s live, so it’s a lot of fun,"  he said.

Over the course of four weeks, the group says 1,200 people logged on to create 528 teams and the games have raised more than $18,000 in donations supporting the following 12 local businesses.

Trusty’s, Pursuit Wine Bar & Kitchen, East City Book Shop, Maketto, Bookstore Movers, Emilie’s,Barrel, Hill’s Kitchen, Labyrinth Puzzles and Games, Eastern Wine Bar, The Capital Candy Jar, Capitol Lounge and Tune Inn Restaurant.

Wanna play? 

The games are held on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m

You can sign up at fortheloveoftrivia.com

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