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Get Up DC gives $1000 to Critical Exposure

We're always looking for ways to Give Back. So, we've partnered with Easterns Automotive Group to recognize people doing things right in our community.


“So this is one of the rooms where the magic happens,” said I-Ra Abubaker, a Youth Facilitator at Critical Exposure.

Reese asked, “What is it that you guys are doing?”

I-Ra said, “Our mission is to train young people in DC to change issues in their community using photography in the power of their voices particularly educational justice. They learn how to community build they learn photography skills, they learn how to develop their political analysis to the point where they’re able to organize with each other for larger issues in their community."

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At Critical Exposure, all the photos are about what young people are going through highlighting either the challenges or the beauty in their community. It does not display any photographs without a caption because the groups wants to make sure people are seeing the young people’s stories through their lenses.

Abubaker was part of the program.

Credit: I-Ra Abubaker, Critical Exposure
Abandoned, by I-Ra Abubaker

“Here’s one of my favorite photos. It was taken when I attended Coolidge High School. This was an abandoned room and not be able to access it, it felt really hopeless I just imagined what I wanted this room to be and I wanted to be an English class that taught about important literature.”

“How did critical exposure help you?” Reese asked. 

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She said, “I learned that I do have a voice and I do have power and my voice matters and to be able to learn the skills and to use photography as a tool to create change in the community was so powerful and so inspirational to me.”

Reese asks her, “What would let’s say $1000 donation due for critical exposure?”

“It would support our programs and support staff,” she said.

“Let’s see what I got. Oh no, I don’t have $1000,’  he said.

Abubaker replied, “You don’t have a black card  in there?”

Reese says, “What was six dollars do?”

She replies, “Six dollars would, you know everything counts.”

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“You give me my six dollars back. Eastern's Automotive Group would like to help support you guys and they pledge to donate $1,000 to Critical Exposure so you can continue to bless the young people in DC,” he said.

“Thank you so much.”

Do you know someone we should help?   

Let Reese know. 

Credit: WUSA9
Reese Waters, Host, Get Up DC

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