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Get Up Give Back gives $1000 to Desks By Dads

We’ve partnered with Easterns Automotive Group to give out cash and pay it forward!

GAITHERSBURG, Md. — Want to donate to Desk by Dads, click here.

Distance learning has its challenges, but Jess and Al Berrellez of Gaithersburg are helping bridge an educational inequality divide some families are facing.

These weekend warriors, along with some volunteers, are building and donating desks to low income families in their community.

Jess Berrellez joined Reese on Zoom to talk about the project.

Reese Waters asked, "Can you tell me a little bit about the program and exactly how it works?"

Berrellez replied, "I was really just thinking about the different tools and resources that students do you need to be able to succeed for a virtual environment and it occurred to me, what about desks. And so I asked my husband Al if he would try building a prototype."

The duo along with some friends are building as well as collecting gently used desk for low income students in our children’s schools and donating them free of charge

Waters asked, "How many students have you been able to service?

"We have provided 37 desks," she said. 

"We are hoping to make just a small difference. The message that we’re trying to convey is that we care about you, we got you and we’re going to get through this," she added.

Waters asked, "So how can people help out and contribute?"

Berrellez said, "We are also collecting chairs and room dividers."

Credit: Jess and Al Berrellez, Desks By Dad

Waters surprised her and said, "We at WUSA9 in conjunction with Easterns Automotive Group love to see people like you and your husband and to also help do them the very cool things they are doing in our community. We would like to donate $1000 to DesksByDads.

Berrellez exclaimed, "Oh my God. Thank you!"

And Waters joked, "Just to help you hopefully get a couple of chairs and those partitions."

Berrellez replied, "That’s huge. Thank you so much! That’s so unexpected and you just made my week. That is incredible! Thank you!"

Get Up DC wants to thank Easterns Automotive Group for partnering with us and sponsoring the segment.

Credit: WUSA9

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