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Get Up Give Back gives $1000 to Cornerstone Church's Grocery Giveaway

We’ve partnered with Easterns Automotive Group to give out cash and pay it forward!

BOWIE, Md. — Lead Pastor Mark Lehmann and Care Pastor Arnold Bracy have been ministering and caring for people our community for the last 25 years together at Cornerstone Church in Bowie, Maryland. 

And during this pandemic, its grocery giveaway has been a needed and welcome gift for many.

Reese Waters asked, "Tell me about the Helping Hands ministry and how this all came about?

Arnold Bracy is the Care Pastor at Cornerstone Church, Bowie, MD. He said, "In COVID people couldn't come to the church always to get things. Sometimes the church has got to go to where the people are. We have people that serve, that set up bags of food, so we actually package nutritional meals in a in a bag. And, and then and then we go out."

Bracy added, "We probably average 100 families that actually can come to get it. But then we take bags door to door. So I would say each time we go out, we take enough food for 450 families, and we've never brought anything back. It’s been awesome, you know, when you go there to bring food, but you're but you're really there to bring hope."

The Pastor said, "And our church is very diverse. So, when we got there to serve, just to see a diverse group from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds, all kinds of age groups out there helping and serving, and it really opened the door for us to share our faith. It’s only Jesus and that’s 's why we tell them, hey, we're here because Jesus loves you. And that looks like something.

Mark Lehmann is the Lead Pastor with Cornerstone Church, Bowie, Maryland.

Pastor Lehmann said, "We felt like we wanted to be part along with a lot of the people have the answer rather than always looking at the problem. So it's been a phenomenal joy was probably given away, I don't know, three or four semi-truck loads of food in that time, at least the last few months and more to come."

Waters said, "Well, we can't let everybody else have all the fun of donating. So, on behalf of Easterns Automotive Group and WUSA9, we would like to contribute $1,000 to the ministry just to help you guys do what you do.

Pastor Lehmann replied, "That’s a huge blessing and a lot of people’s lives will be touched because of that. Thank you guys so much!"

Get Up DC wants to thank Easterns Automotive Group for partnering with us and sponsoring the segment.

Credit: WUSA9

Get Up DC wants to thank Easterns Automotive Group for partnering with us and sponsoring the segment.

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