There's a mysterious water leak in one Hillcrest, SE neighborhood that has left it in sheets of ice.

Residents living near 36th and Camden Street, SE have been complaining for nearly two years with no resolution.

The water is coming from a backyard in the 2500 block of 34th Street.

The water runs down the alley and goes down the hill, puddling in an icy and slushy mess in the intersection.

We first visited the neighborhood just days after Christmas and spoke to Gloria Gross who fears cars could slide down the street and hit the pole just outside her bedroom.

Her neighbor Mary Smith's husband fell on the ice trying to get to the car, "we called 3-11 and all they did was send a salt truck to put salt around our car. It makes me feel like they don't care!"

DDOT put down a fresh coat of salt to melt the ice but when we returned less than a week later the situation worsened.

Thick sheets of ice coated a whole city block that was shut down with DDOT cones.

The ice water expanded into the intersection, leaving a thick and dangerous coating of ice.

DC Water spokesperson Pamela Mooring says the agency tested the water and it showed no additives proving it is not their water.

DDOT sent a crew who said it appeared a neighbor had a sub pump that was spilling water, but Robert Junior said, “no one owns a sub pump here.”

His backyard was once under water because of the mysterious spill that neighbors insist is ground water run off or some kind of underground spring.

Now they just want the city to take care of the issue before someone gets seriously hurt, “if we had an accident, God forbid, I don't think an ambulance can get down here quickly and we have a lot of seniors in this area,” said Junior.

DDOT now admits the problem was not a neighbor's sub pump but they are still working to determine where the water is coming from.

Meanwhile, DDOT will continue to keep the road closed and send salt truck to the area soon.