The mother of a 15-year-old killed by a gang is pleading with parents to listen.

The victim is Damaris Alexandra Reyes Rivas, who went by Alexandra to family and friends.

“I brought her because of the same problem,” is what the mother of a slain teen, 15-year-old Reyes’ mother, who asked not to have her face on camera.

She's concerned for her safety.

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The grieving Montgomery County mother says she brought her daughter from El Salvador to Gaithersburg trying to get her away from a gang. She told WUSA9 the young men in the gang would try to hook her daughter by trying to get her to fall in love with them.

This was when she was 12. By high school, Reyes’ her mother says it got worse.

Montgomery County police say Reyes started disappearing.

The Maryland mother saw this behavior and started making plans for Reyes to live out of state with her father. However, when Reyes learned of this, police say she left once more on December 10th, not seen again until her body was discovered in Virginia this past weekend.

“Ella era tan dulce,’ said her mother. In English, she told us her daughter was so smart, so sweet and that she trusted in everyone. That, her mother sadly said, was her problem.

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Throughout the time she was missing, the Maryland mom says Reyes had messaged someone wanted to kill her.

“Por favor a los padres,” Please parents, she told WUSA9, “take care of your kids. I tried to take care of mine.”

The Maryland mother say she did all she could, even went to Reyes’ school and school meetings.

Her warning on gang members: “In their schools, check their friends,” she said in Spanish, “because they’re inside. They’re inside.”