Sitting in a Miami hotel room, Jennifer Say constantly fears the worst for her daughter.

“There are moments that are just unbearable," she tells 11Alive’s Chris Hopper via a Skype interview.

Say’s 22-year-old daughter Alexis has been missing in Miami for weeks now. A human trafficking task force is on the case.

"The visions that come into my head are horrifying," Jennifer says.

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Alexis and her mother used to call Peachtree City, Ga. home. They lived there for six years before Alexis moved to Miami in October; Jennifer to upstate New York.

Jennifer called her daughter outgoing and friendly, but sometimes, friendly to a fault.

“Alexis is a very…loving and wonderful person and she trusts an awful lot of people that maybe she should be a little bit more skeptical of," Jennifer tells 11Alive.

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She says her 22-year-old daughter found herself hanging with the wrong crowd and fell into drugs. But after a few weeks, Jennifer says Alexis decided to check into a rehab facility after developing a heroin addiction last fall so she could get clean.

"She admitted to it and said that she couldn't stand it,” Jennifer says. “(She) didn't want to do it anymore so we got her into rehab right away, and that's what she did."

But while getting treatment at the facility, Alexis had to be admitted to a northern Miami hospital after having a seizure. After receiving care she was discharged from the hospital on Jan. 23, and was waiting in the lobby of the North Shore Medical Center for a ride.

That was weeks ago, and no one’s seen or heard from Alexis since. Click here to read more about Alexis Say's case.

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Now, Miami Police and the human trafficking task force are deeply investigating the young woman’s mysterious disappearance. Jennifer says she has no phone, no ID, no money -- nothing but the clothes on her back.

Authorities say she could be a victim of human trafficking, but they can't say why. The investigation is centered in Miami, but Jennifer is asking people in metro Atlanta to help, hopeful that one tip, one lead could bring her home.

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“Just keep sharing,” she pleads. “Keep sharing her pictures, keep sharing the flyer, join our Facebook page for her and share that with people…She's amazing, she's absolutely amazing and let's bring her home soon so everybody else can see that."

Alexis is 5-foot-2, around 100 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. She has tattoos on the inside of both upper arms and on her left ankle. She has a belly piercing and a a scar on her left side, near her kidney area.

If anyone has any information, they're asked to call 585-545-5045.