The search for a missing Cleveland MC/Host Natica Harris has ended after she was found disoriented on campus at Virginia State University.

Harris' family said they're happy she’s found, but they still have questions.

"The fact that she was found the way she was… she just appeared somethings not right," said Latroya Edwards Natica's sister.

No shoes, no jacket, just a T-shirt and jeans, was how 23-year old Natica Harris was found on the Virginia State campus after being missing for 2 days.

"When I first saw her face her look was so blank mind you she had no shoes on no jacket on it’s cold." said Edwards

Harris along with 30 other party promoters went to Washington DC to host several college Homecoming parties.

Natica hosted a day party at a popular club called Rosebar then headed back to the hotel when it was over, while other promoters continued their night.

It wasn’t until her manager got back to the room around 4:00 a.m., when he realized Natica was missing.

"Maybe she’ll pop up in the morning, Nothing from Natica, her phone is going to voicemail," said Edwards.

The family had to wait 24 hours until they could file a police report but that didn’t stop her sisters from spreading the word via social media.

"She did everything no sleep, no nothing, no shut eye, no eat, no drink, no nothing she did it all on her own," said Teiona Harris younger sister.

And during that drawn out process of waiting the family received messages.

"We were getting stuff about her being in a sex trafficking a bunch of things people asking us for money."

But thanks to social media and the dedication of her big sister the fight to finding her was a success.

"Don’t think your family is untouchable and nothing like that would ever happen when you go places. Watch your surroundings, don’t let anyone just buy you a drink. Just be aware." said Edwards

Fairfax police are continuing the investigation as to what happened to Harris. As for the family, they say their main focus is getting her home to Cleveland safely.