WASHINGTON — Michael & Son is offering to help with payments for furloughed federal employees who are need of home repairs. 

The company has put in place a furloughed federal employee assistance program in order to "keep area families warm and safe in their homes during the shutdown." 

Michael & Son is providing up to 6 months of no payments on plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling repairs for furloughed workers impacted by the shutdown. 

"Our call center and financing department has been flooded with calls from area federal employees these last couple of weeks.  We have customers who have been recently furloughed that can't keep up with payments on their projects and have families to take care of.  We're telling them take care of your family first.  We'll worry about everything else after the shutdown.  In the meantime, we also don't want area residents neglecting the safety and comfort of their home's so we came up with an offer that allows them to not have to make a payment up to 6 months for any of their service needs" said Basim Mansour, proud son and owner of Michael & Son.

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