A 65-year-old child care provider admitted to slapping a two-year-old girl several times in the face, Montgomery County police said.

Police said a video shows the child care provider Christina Dhanaraj, 65, of the 1600 block of Winding Waye Lane in Silver Spring, abusing the girl.

They did not release the video to the media and don't plan on releasing it to the public either.

In the video, police said the girl can be seen sitting quietly inside of a room. Dhanaraj walks up to the victim and is then seen verbally scolding her. She then slaps the girl about eight times in the face, according to police.

The girl is heard crying loudly. Police said the woman then pushes the girl to the floor and grabs her by the head. She is then seen pushing the girl with a jerking movement to the floor, police stated.

Investigators believe the incident happened sometime in November or December of last year.

Dhanaraj was arrested on January 12 and was charged with second-degree child abuse. During an interview with police she admitted to the abuse captured on camera. The woman was taken to the Central Processing Unit and has since been released on bond.

The child care provider's license has been revoked. Police said she provided child care in her home for about ten years. They are trying to determine whether or not there are any additional victims.

Anyone with information about possible abuse is asked to call the Special Victims Investigations Division at 240-773-5400.