MCLEAN, Va. (WUSA9) -- It was a violent home invasion that left a McLean couple horribly wounded.

Leo Fisher and his wife Sue Duncan were stabbed multiple times and left for dead. The man on trial is Andrew Schmuhl, an attorney who did some contract work for Fisher's law firm.

The husband and wife, Fisher and Duncan, married for 40 years, watched each other get shot or stabbed and thought the other was dead.

During the last few hours of testimony Monday, a police officer who thought he was responding to a house alarm, found the two gravely injured victims. He said was the house covered in blood.

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The door bell rang on a Sunday night in November of 2015. A man pushed his way inside their McLean home, testified Leo Fisher. He said the man Tasered him.

"I fell to the floor, shaking violently, every limb was shaking," said Fisher. "I felt like I was having a heart attack."

Fisher, a managing partner at the Arlington law firm Bean, Kinney and Korman said he soon recognized the man as Andrew Schmuhl, the husband of Alicia Schmuhl, an attorney he had fired.

Fisher said Schmuhl used zip ties to bind his and his wife's wrists and feet, then interrogated him and his wife for some three hours, forcing Fisher to log onto his computer and search for personal files. And then, Fisher said, "He knocked me over, put a pillow over my face and cut my throat.

"I screamed to my wife, 'He's murdering me!' He cut my throat from side to side. The knife went through my esophagus."

Fisher said he pressed some clothes to his throat to stem the bleeding. When he saw Schmuhl with a gun going towards his wife. Fisher said, "He shot her and I saw her hair go boom. I thought he killed her. I saw him on top of her stabbing her. Then he kicks me in the head, and says, 'You're going to die!"

Fisher identified Schmuhl in court as the man who attacked him that night. Andrew Schmuhl's attorneys say their client was suffering from involuntary intoxication from several medications. But Fisher testified that Schmuhl was not slurring his words of mumbling at all that night.

Prosecutors say the bloody attack was all about revenge for the firing of his wife. But Andrew Schmuhl's defense attorneys are also blaming his wife, Alecia Schmuhl. They say she planned and directed the attack.

Alicia Schmuhl is also charged in the attack and will be tried separately.

Tuesday, prosecutors plan to show two police dash cam videos. One is the 100 mph Beltway chase of Alicia's Schmuhl's vehicle [she was allegedly driving] fleeing the scene and the second video is from the arrest at Springfield Plaza where prosecutors say Andrew Schmuhl had stripped down to a diaper.

If Schmuhl is found guilty, he faces multiple life sentences.