(WUSA9) -- A Montgomery County woman says she was scammed by a Maryland dating service and wants to warn others before they suffer the same fate.

Tobi Adewole says she shelled out $3,000 to Maryland Matchmakers in exchange for the promise of four dates in a year. But she says all she’s gotten is heartache and disappointment.

"When I went to Maryland Matchmakers, I was hoping they would find me a boyfriend. A Christian boyfriend and that never happened," Adewole said.

Like many singles, Adewole, 52, went looking for love online. She ultimately signed a contract so blurry, she now admits she couldn’t really read the fine print.

Adewole paid Maryland Matchmakers $3,000 for what ended up to be just one date, and he wasn’t even a Christian.

"He was agnostic. That he doesn’t believe in God. He doesn’t. I couldn’t believe it," Adewole said.

Adewole complained about that first date. Her second one never happened.

"[I] told them that I live in Montgomery County. I’d rather meet somebody within my community. Because I don’t drive on the highway. Next thing they do is refer me to somebody in Pennsylvania," Adewole said.

During a visit to Maryland Matchmakers' office in Columbia, a woman who identified herself as the office manager told WUSA9 no one was available to answer any questions.

A company spokesperson later contacted WUSA9 to say they do not plan to give Adewole a refund.

"It’s been a very, very bad experience. It’s very, very bad and I hope others will learn from this," Adewole.

The Better Business Bureau has received 46 complaints about the company in the last three years. And the Consumer Affairs Division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office has helped to mediate a dozen cases.