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Veteran finds new purpose helping military families

HYATTSVILLE, Md. -- Peter Scott joined the Army in 1999. He served for 12 years as a counter intelligence agent and was deployed several times.

When he left the military, he struggled with PTSD, and finding his purpose. He started gardening to clear his head, something that gave him a way to make sense of the world.

Getting help with his PTSD, and using gardening as a tool to cope, he knew he needed to do more.

"Realizing I had some issues with things that I'd done or seen I really needed to bring something good and positive into the world," said Scott.

He started an organization called 'Fields 4 Valor.' He grows produce for military families that may not be able to afford to put a meal on the table consistently.

"We're here to serve those that served the country and were willing to put down their lives for it. The idea is if you fought for your country or signed a blank check, you shouldn't have to go hungry," he said.

What started out as small garden in his backyard, enough to feed two families, has now expanded. This past February, the organization moved out to small farm in Hyattsville. Last year Scott was able to feed 10 families with the produce he grows. He gives away everything from tomatoes, eggplant, lettuce, cucumbers, honey and so much more.

Antoinette LaForce is one of the volunteers on the farm. She went from being a homeless veteran just a few years ago, to living and volunteering for Scott full-time.

"A lot of times our skills are not transferable from the military. It's kind of on our shoulders as veterans and military families to look to our left and right and pull together what's happening," said LaForce.

The organization is volunteer based and needs help from the community to expand. The organization is hosting a fundraiser Thursday, October 18 to raise money. It will be held at Three Stars Brewing in NW, Washington.

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