DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Md. -- The message was loud and it was clear outside of the Amalgamated Transit Union 689 on Saturday.

Some Metro workers called for General Manager Paul Wiedefeld to step down.

“We’ve come to a point where this local and this membership are fed up,” Carrol Thomas said.

Local ATU 689 represents most Metro workers, and thousands of its members voted on if they wanted to go on a strike.

The union said it has a long list of issues with WMATA, including poor treatment, employee safety, and not seeing eye-to-eye on contract agreements.

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The latest complaint involves the custodians.

“Each member has a right to pick the location where they work and hours of work according to seniority,” Thomas explained.

Thomas said Metro cut down on the number of places custodians could choose from for work locations.

The union contract expired two years ago and workers are fighting for a new one.

On Thursday last week, some Metro employees protested by showing up late to work on purpose and causing delays.

“When you constantly break this contract, you give us no alternative but to stand up,” Thomas explained.

The union did not give any indication of when this strike may happen.

WUSA9 reached out to WMATA for a comment on this story – but we have not heard back.