Mary McSherry made a point on Wednesday of driving to the Dick's Sporting Good's Store at the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, Md. to buy nearly $100 worth of yoga apparel she didn't really need.

"I thought today it was very important to show our support," said McSherry after Dick's announced it would no longer sell assault-style semi-auto firearms and high-capacity magazines.

Dick's says it will also not sell firearms to anyone under 21.

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But Frederick County is strong Second Amendment county, and the Dick's hunting and shooting section inside the Frederick store takes up substantial space.

Some customers were dismayed and talking boycott.

"I feel like it's just a political stance on their part," said one man who says he bought a shotgun from Dick's recently.

"Eventually they'll take all the guns," said another man who pointed out that the functional difference between "assault-style" semi-automatic rifles and those commonly used for hunting are little more than cosmetic.