The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday struck down a federal law that bans gambling on football, baseball and other sports in most states.

The challenge was filed by the state of New Jersey, but experts predict 32 states, including Maryland, will likely legalize sports betting within five years because of the ruling.

Definitely not in time for the next Caps playoff game, but maybe soon, you'll be able to go to a nearby racetrack or casino, maybe even online and bet on your favorite team.

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West Virginia had already passed legislation legalizing sports betting. That came even before the Supreme Court ruled, but there's still some finagling over who will pay a so-called "integrity fee," which is essentially a tax on bets that would go to the sports leagues.

In Maryland, the governor supports legalized sports betting, but it still has to get through the legislature, and win approval from voters.

By one estimate, Americans are already wagering $150 billion illegally on sports betting. So you can bet lots of people are trying to get in on the action.

Among the supporters, Caps, Mystics, and Wizards owner Ted Leonis, who insists betting will increase fans focus on data and actually boost transparency and integrity in sports.

Also in the yes column: MGM and the Cordish Companies, owners of some of the biggest casinos in Maryland. No surprise there.