WASHINGTON — Two congressional districts in the state of Maryland have ranked in the top 100 for most dangerous districts for pedestrians, according to a report by Smart Growth America and National Complete Streets Coalition. 

The July 2019 report was conducted to determine the most deadly U.S. House districts for walking people. The report examines the number of pedestrian fatalities between 2008-2017.

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Maryland's 4th congressional district, which makes up part of Prince George's County and Anne Arundel County, ranked 45 with 193 pedestrian fatalities between 2008-2017. Maryland's 2nd congressional district, which makes up parts of Howard, Harford, Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties, ranked 64 with 173 pedestrian fatalities. 

Arizona's 7th district was ranked the most dangerous district with 344 pedestrian fatalities between 2008-2017. 

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