After the Department of Health and Human Services announced its decision to suspend federal funding for the Head Start program in Prince George's County, many were outraged.

One member of the county's Board of Education, Edward Burroughs, called for an external investigation into a possible cover up within the system.

"I want to know who knew what when. How long has this been occurring, what are the other instances,” Burroughs said. “And I'm not confident that we have the level of integrity necessary to do this investigation in house."

Burroughs contended that members of the board were not informed of the investigation, but now the chair, vice chair, and another board member are pushing back on his claims.

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In a statement, Chair Dr. Segun Eubanks and Vice Chair Carolyn Boston said, "it is categorically false to imply or state there were attempts by the Administration or other board members to mislead the entire body."

The two also said in the statement that all board members learned about the investigation and the accusations at a Board of Education meeting on April 15.

Additionally, they said everyone had access to meeting minutes from the Head Start Program Policy Council which talked about the pending federal review.

None of the board members are listed as attending the meeting, but Wallace said everyone could see the information because it was "posted publicly on our board docs notification system."

Wallace said while he wasn't at the meeting, he accessed the documents and read it from the online system.

Burroughs said it's absurd and he isn't backing down from his previous claim that there is possibly a cover up.

He said no one directly addressed the board, and the minutes from policy council meeting did not include adequate information.

"They're alleging that the board found out in April. Did the board mandate weekly reports on the issue? Did the board mandate that we fix these issues and did we monitor it?” Burroughs said. “The answer is no. Because we didn't know about it."