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Police: Gaithersburg woman charged after trying to kill herself, disabled daughter

Karen Isaac, 62, 'has been hearing voices in her head for some time,' was receiving mental health treatment in Maryland, according to court documents.

WASHINGTON — A 62-year-old Montgomery County woman has been charged after tying to kill herself and her 25-year-old daughter, who has Cerebral Palsy and is mentally disabled, according to court documents.

Gaithersburg Police Officer Mary Liddi was on foot patrol around 2 a.m. Wednesday at the Lakefront at Washington Rio when she heard what "sounded like gurgling and splashing in the water," police said.

The mother, identified as Karen Isaac, told police she deliberately pushed her daughter into the pond off of the pedestrian bridge, according to court documents. Isaac said she jumped into the water right after pushing her in, police said.

Police said both women are unable to swim. However, Isaac said that once she got into the water," she decided that she did not want to kill herself," according to court documents.

Isaac said her daughter was floating on her back, and soon after Liddi saw them splashing in the water, according to court documents.

When Liddi saw the two women in the water struggling to stay afloat, she immediately radioed for help from police and rescue crews, police said.

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"Officer Liddi removed her police equipment, jumped into water that is approximately eight feet deep, and swam towards both women, pulling them towards the embankment." police said. 

Both women were pulled out of the water and onto the embankment with the help of additional officers. They were taken to the hospital and were treated for their injuries. 

While at the hospital, Isaac told police that she's "currently having financial problems, and has been out of a job for some time," according to court documents.

Isaac said she decided to commit suicide and to kill her daughter in the process because she "did not want the burden of someone else trying to take care of her," according to court documents.

Isaac said she "has been hearing voices in her head for some time," and has been receiving mental health treatment, police said. 

She also said she's been under stress for the past several weeks "because her ex-husband has been putting words in her head," officials said.

Isaac has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment, according to court documents.

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