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Old Bay's new packaging causes uproar on Reddit

Don't mess with Marylander's Old Bay.

MARYLAND -- A Maryland Reddit user found out that Old Bay seasoning's packaging had been switched to plastic containers and caused an uproar on the thread.

"I feel like we've been betrayed, and deprived future generations of the sturdy construction of a well-designed spice container," wrote Superamericaman.

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Other users commented their anger on the thread too, saying that they were "disgusted" and even "outraged" by the change of the iconic Maryland seasoning box.

The switch had already taken place a year ago, but some Old Bay die-hard fans are just finding out about it now.

"Our father's day dinner was ruined by the lid coming off the old bay container," wrote MixmasterMatt on the new plastic container.

Some tried to offer solutions such as refilling old metal containers: "Keep your old metal container and refill it from the plastic container! Should be pretty easy using a funnel, right?" Said user harpsm.

Another user even created a conspiracy about it. "I wonder if it has to do with the spike in steel and aluminum prices," commented Kendermassacre. "I too will not accept anything but our good ole metal canisters."

The CEO of Old Bay said that the company switched packaging to be more environmentally friendly. The package change would reduce its carbon emissions by 16 percent.

But the Old Bay lovers were not having it.

"Is nothing sacred?" questioned kgunnar.

See the thread here.