MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD -- A Maryland Holocaust survivor is encouraging locals to stand up to hate on the heels of the "Unite the Right 2" rally.

"Unite the Right 2" is scheduled to take place at Lafayette Park, next to the White House, on Sunday. The event is expected to attract white supremacists to the area.

Steven Fenves, 87, of Montgomery County, Md., said he was disappointed to hear the event will happen in D.C.

Fenves was born in Yugoslavia just nine years before the Axis powers invaded his homeland.

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Fenves, along with other members of his Jewish family, were deported to Auschwitz concentration camp. He survived both a stay at Auschwitz and a death march to Buchenwald concentration camp.

He lost both his mother and father during that time period.

Fenves told WUSA9 it is important that counter protesters show up at "Unite the Right 2" for two separate reasons. He said it is important to show racists that there are more people in society who oppose hatred.

"The other thing that is equally important is to show that not everyone is a bystander," he said.

Fenves said he has given more than 100 talks about his experience during the Holocaust. He said he wishes more about the world would have changed over the last 80 years.

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"It's terribly disappointing that my hundred appeals to one hundred audiences still has not achieved anything," he said. "There is still the same propensity to hatred, the same ease with which hate group can enlist others."

Fenves said the slightest form of discrimination can be fanned into much more violent forms of hatred.

He added that it is important that America not give into those views.

"It's inconceivable that in this day and age that people can still be entranced into these extremist views," Fenves said.