PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (WUSA9) — Two days after he was reported missing, a Md. man was found alive at the scene of a crash, police said.

On Saturday, family members reported 41-year-old Gregory Eubanks was missing.

Around 8 a.m. Monday, police said Eubanks was found responsive outside the vehicle at the crash scene near the northbound 210 ramp on 495.

The friends and family of Eubanks said they knew something was wrong when he didn’t show up for a wedding on Saturday.

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After a weekend of frantic searching, they got word a construction crew found his crashed SUV, with Eubanks still alive.

Eubanks’ cousin,Tre Drew, got the news on Monday morning.

“It was an indescribable emotion. Because we were thinking so many different scenarios. So it was…sheer joy," he said.

Drew said his friend can’t remember exactly what caused the crash early Saturday morning, whether he clipped a black car who swerved to miss a deer, or if he was the one who swerved to avoid it.

His Mercedes SUV jumped a guardrail on Highway 495 just north of National Harbor, and flipped into a ditch.

It’s believed Eubanks was thrown from an open sunroof.

His friend, Deon Green, said he broke his clavicles and lower ribs.

“He couldn’t crawl because of his injuries. I couldn’t imagine," said Green.

For two and a half days, Eubanks could not move or call for help. He endured scorching heat on Saturday. On Sunday, the weather turned to cold heavy rains.

He was stuck in a pond where water levels rose to reach his nose.

Drew held back tears as he recounted what his friend endured.

"He said it was the worst thing he’s ever been through, and he’s been through a lot," said Drew.

Eubanks could hear the busy highway above him. At one point, his friends said he saw a man standing at the top of the ditch, but he didn’t see Eubanks below.

Drew said his friend also heard emergency responders rushing right past him.

"He heard several firetrucks passing, ambulances passing, he kept on saying I know they’re coming for me. And no one came for him," said Drew.

Incredibly, Eubanks spine was not injured in the crash. A good thing, because he is engaged to be married.

Drew said he is dehydrated and in a lot of pain, but he is expected to able to leave Prince George’s Medical Center in a few days.