UPPER MARLBORO, MD -- A man accused of throwing gasoline on his pregnant girlfriend and lighting her on fire is asking a judge to seal court documents because he has taken "a media beating" and has "concern for his welfare."

Suspect LaQuinn Phillips is battling to be released into electronically-monitored home detention after a delay in his trial.

In a motion to seal filed in Prince George's County circuit court on Thursday, Phillips' attorney claims reporting on the issue by WUSA9 has been "over zealous and potentially entering the realm of obstructing justice."

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Phillips has remained jailed despite an August 13th order by judge Michael R. Pearson for electronically-monitored home detention.

Jail officials said they have not been able to verify a valid Prince George's County address where Phillips could be released.

Earlier WUSA9 reported the landlord where Phillips' mother lives was unaware of plans to release him to her apartment in Oxon Hill.

Phillips was not on the lease as required, according to a spokesperson for apartment owner Southern Management Corporation.

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In the motion to seal Phillips claims such reporting is "interference that could possibly force him to remain detained pretrial, prevent his release, or be returned to jail upon release through not (sic) fault of his own.”

WUSA9 stands by its reporting.

Phillips is asking judge Pearson to seal any order for home detention and also seal public transcripts of the August 13 bail review hearing where Pearson originally opened the door to home detention.

Victim Andrea Grinage was reduced to sobbing on Thursday as she reacted to the latest efforts to get Phillips released from jail, pending a trial now scheduled for December.

"He knows where I am, but I'm not supposed to know where he is," Grinage asked. "He's the threat to me. I'm not the threat to him."

Grinage said she does not trust that electronically-monitored home detention will prevent Phillips from trying to kill her again. As a survivor, she is the only witness to the attack.

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Phillips is accused of throwing gasoline on Grinage and lighting her on fire in a September 2017 attack in her apartment.

Grinage said she was choked into unconsciousness, held hostage in her own apartment, and forced into the shower where she was doused in gasoline by Phillips in an attempt to kill her because he did not want to be responsible for the couple's unborn child.

Phillips denies the charges.

Grinage was nearly killed and delivered the couple's premature daughter by C-section while in critical condition recovering from burns to 70 percent of her body.

Grinage is badly scarred, has damage to her legs that makes it difficult to walk, and is no longer able to work.