How often do things lost on Metro get back in the right hands? Or, in this case, on the right hand?

After losing it three months ago, a Maryland man now has his prized class ring back where it belongs. John Compton of Washington Grove lost the ring at Shady Grove Metro on October 30.

"It's fantastic," said Compton as Nathaniel Gweh of Gaithersburg returned the ring to its rightful owner. Gweh found the ring in the street outside the station. "John George Compton" is etched inside the ring, but Gweh feared finding the wrong John Compton so he reached out to WUSA9 for help.

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"It was the right thing to do," said Gweh. "This ring really means something to him."

Almost immediately after the story was posted on Twitter and, friends of Compton's began contacting us. The retired molecular biologist is well known near Gaithersburg. We organized the handoff last Friday, more than three months after the 48-year-old, MIT Class of 1970 ring disappeared from Compton's pinky finger.

"It was 35 dollars and back then that was expensive," said Compton.

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Now, the lost ring has been brought full circle thanks to our-- and your-- help.

"I'll hopefully have it for the rest of my life," said Compton.