Students found fliers taped-up at a high school that say, “It's okay to be white." Now, there are some racist, online threats connected to them.

Here's what's going on:

On Tuesday, November 1st, employees at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Md. and at least one student at the University of Maryland’s College Park, Md. campus discovered fliers that say, "It's okay to be white."

Montgomery Blair High School caught the “poster” or suspect on surveillance video. When WUSA9 asked the school spokesperson what was going on, Derek Turner sent us a web link to an older post that show's it was planned.

The web page tells people what to write. The page also says this: "We expect the anti-white media to produce a shit-storm about these "racist, hateful, bigoted fliers"… with a completely innocuous message. The media response will rally new support for pro-white activism …”

This did upset a University of Maryland student who tweeted the flyer with her own message.

Being on social media, the student got a flood of responses, which the student also said included death and rape threats.

Now police resources are involved. Prince George's County Police Department is investigating the threats.

The University of Maryland Police and the Montgomery County Police Department are also aware of the situation.

Parent…well, they're over it.

"Just evil motivation, go back into your hole,” said one father who told WUSA9 while the signs may be innocuous, the spirit behind them being posted is not.

A note went home to Montgomery Blair High School’s Principal. The note says they found the “It’s okay to be white” sign taped to 10 exterior doors to the school that this appears to be a concentrated effort to foment racial and political tension.

We’re told this has also happened in other states and other cities.