COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Our WUSA9 Sheehy Weather Explorer and team were there as cars dangerously sped by other groups of people stuck on the roadway after this weekend's snow storm. 

At least three people pushed on the back tailgate of a pick-truck and one person jumped up-and-down on the flatbed trying to gain back wheel traction. The pick-up truck would not make it up a hill on Metzerott Road in Prince George's County after going down a steep decline.

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All day vehicles were getting stuck in both directions in College Park, Md. It created back-ups. Then came this impatient driver who dangerously sped by the stuck pick-up truck and cut-off a van. The people pushing vehicles stopped and screamed as the car sped by, concerned the vehicle would slam into them. 

The van the car cut-off ended up getting stuck too.

This was all part of the chaos Sunday evening in Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

It was so bad, even an ambulance trying to run to an emergency call ended up on the side of New Hampshire Avenue. An EMT was on the ground trying to jam something behind the back wheel to gain traction. This happened on Rt. 650, going uphill towards the Capital Beltway entrance.

WUSA9 also ran into an Uber driver who refused to drop off his passenger on Metzerott Road.


“I’m not willing to get stuck in that so I’m willing to stop my ‘Ubering’ and walk the young lady home,” said Tony Echols.

Echols ended-up escorting a very angry passenger across the street and down some of the sidewalk.

“I believe most of the roads aren’t done. The snow’s coming down really heavy and that cost a lot of slipping and sliding. There’s a lot of slopes here,” said Echols.

Prince George’s County dealt with a second and long burst of snow Sunday night that covered a great deal of what had already been plowed.

Maryland State Police Spokesperson Elena Russo said Troopers responded to 197 crashes across the state from 7 p.m. Saturday to 3 p.m. Sunday. They said they’re seeing most of those crashes in Prince George’s County (at least 42 crashes by 7 p.m.).

Police and county leaders are concerned about these roadways freezing overnight. If so, that could mean big problems for the morning commute.