Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story stated that Kristin Bolinger was severely injured in the Las Vegas shooting and a man died saving her. It was information we received from her father, who was told by someone who identified themselves as a hospital employee where his daughter was believed to be receiving treatment. We have since learned this report is false.

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New information surfaced late Wednesday afternoon about a Maryland woman who was hurt in the deadly Las Vegas shooting.

Kristin Bolinger's family members made it to Vegas on Tuesday night, but they have not been able to locate her.

She is one of the hundreds of people who, loved ones said, went to hospitals over the weekend.

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A lot of people in Hagerstown seemed to be talking about Bolinger, who was born and raised in Washington County.

Bolinger moved to Las Vegas three years ago, and her father said she was an employee at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Kristin's father and stepmom spent much of Wednesday morning at the Las Vegas Convention Center where authorities are helping to connect families with their loved ones.

It is a little more than four miles away from where the shooting happened.

The last time WUSA9 heard from Voine Bolinger and Danyelle Higgins they were still working to get information about what hospital Kristen is in and how she is doing.

Police are now involved in the search for Bolinger, and organizers put a freeze on a fundraiser to pay for medical expenses until they get to the bottom of what is going on.

While it is unclear where Kristin is, loved ones said it is a fact that she works at the Mandalay Bay hotel and was at the concert on the night of the shooting.

One of the most incredible parts that family members told WUSA9 about Kristen's story is that two men jumped on top of her to keep her from getting shot.

She suffered some cuts to her abdomen and spleen, but one of the two guys who tried to save her later died.

Kristen's father is looking forward to meeting the one that survived.