Rockville, MD — ROCKVILLE, MD -- Tina and Adam Erickson packed up their two teenagers, two dogs, two cats, their bearded dragon lizard and left Wilmington, NC.

The family drove two cars eight hours to Tina’s mom’s house in Rockville. The mother of two said leaving was a no brainer.

“It wasn’t worth the risk,” she explained. “We can replace the house, but we can’t replace the kids or pets so once we knew it was that bad, we knew we were leaving. My husband said if a tree falls on our roof we can’t fix it as it happens; if we’re there someone can get hurt; and if not, we’ll fix it when we get back.”

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Tina said she has been losing sleep waking up to watch the news updates on conditions back home.

“I’m worried about my two closest friends in Wilmington who opted to stay back," she said.

“We are anxious deep inside and we don’t know what we’re going to go back to,” added her husband Adam. “That’s the scary part. It’s a strange feeling driving away from your home and kind of being a refuge leaving.”

Fifteen-year-old Ingrid is happy to be safe with family but worries about friends back home and is constantly checking social media.

“It is hard to turn away because I want to be updated and make sure my friends who are staying back are OK,” she explained. “But it makes me really stressed out and upset because I don’t want to think about anything bad happening.”

However, she considers this all a learning experience.

"The silver lining is we’re perfectly safe and nothing will happen to us and the sun will come up tomorrow and we’ll be back at the beach,” said dad.