It's that time of the year. Your child is probably spending hours siting in the classroom with a #2 pencil, taking state mandated tests that are required each year.

But in Maryland, the amount of testing is about to go way down.

In fact in Maryland, the average child takes about 200 standardized tests during their time in school. That equals more than 50 hours a year.

However, now, the General Assembly has passed a bill that will cap the amount of instructional time allowed for standardized tests at right about two percent. That will eliminate around 730 hours of testing across 18 districts.

It's meant to make more time for field trips and hands-on activities.

Some studies find that's the best way for students to learn and retain information.

The state will put less emphasis on testing when determining which schools are failing.

Maryland teachers almost unanimously support this change.

Acceding to the Maryland State Education Association, 95 percent of Maryland educators say there are far too many standardized tests in school.

These changes go into effect in the 2018-2019 school year.

To see the full bill, click here