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Broomsticks found near Damascus HS after students charged for alleged rape in locker room

One broomstick was found at a bus stop outside of the school.

DAMASCUS, Md. -- About 10 broomsticks were found near Damascus High School on Sunday after four students were charged for an alleged rape that happened in the boy's locker room.

A resident who lives near the school contacted police after seeing the broomsticks around the school.

The exact location of all the broomsticks is unknown at this time, but police say one was found at a bus stop outside of the school.

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On Monday, the four 15-year-old students, who were charged as adults, were released on a $20,000 bond.

The 15-year-old students were ordered to stay away from each other and the victims as part of their release, officials said.

Just before the court hearing, someone hung the broomsticks up around Damascus High School. In a note home to parents, the principal called it a threat to harm the community.

The four juveniles were arrested Wednesday and were charged with varying degrees of attempted first-degree rape, and counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree rape, Montgomery County police said. A fifth teenager was charged as a juvenile, police said.

Police said the sexual assaults happened after school dismissed Oct. 31 inside the boy's locker room and involved suspects and victims who are all Damascus High School students.

Prosecutors said the suspects may have targeted at least one of their victims for bullying for the entire school year. Then on the last day of football practice, the sophomores allegedly invaded the freshman locker room, turned out the lights, tackled one young man after the other and either raped or attempted to rape each of them in the rectum with a broomstick.

The incident was connected to hazing with players on the junior varsity football team, according to Damascus High School superintendent. The team forfeited its game the day after.