It didn’t take long for speed cameras on the Beltway to catch thousands of drivers in a hurry.

Nearly 75,000 tickets were given out between late July and December in a work zone in Prince George's County, AAA Mid-Atlantic reported Tuesday. The cameras are situated on both the Inner and Outer Loop near the bridge over Suitland Road, right by Joint Base Andrews.

The speed limit in the area is 55 miles per hour. Tickets went out to drivers clocked going 67 mph or faster.

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The fines for speeding drivers are $40 each, but amounted to $3,073,524 in fewer than six months, AAA estimated.

The tickets don’t involve points on a driver’s record or insurance penalties.

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The Beltway speed cameras are part of Maryland’s SafeZones program. Cameras also are situated in nine other work zones in the state.