Police say they've found multiple firearms, including an AR-15, Tuesday at the home of the 18-year-old accused of bringing gun to Clarksburg High School.

Alwin Chen was charged with handgun possession and carrying a gun on school grounds after police said he brought a knife and a loaded gun to school the day after the shootings in Florida.

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At his first court hearing Tuesday, police told the judge they had found a multiple guns, inert grenades, a detonator, and a flack jacket when they searched his Germantown home after his arrest.

They also said Chen's story changed when asked to explain why he brought a gun to school. At first, he allegedly claimed he'd brought the loaded, semi-automatic Glock hand gun to use for target practice. Then they say he said he brought the gun to protect himself because he'd been harassed and bullied by other students.

Chen's lawyers said the guns were not his, and were found in another room in the house. They said he's an honor roll student who has already been admitted to college and is not a danger to the community.

However the judge disagreed, and ordered Chen to undergo a psychiatric exam. He's being held without bond.