FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WUSA9) – More than 500 grams of heroin and fentanyl were taken off the streets of Frederick County after a bust involving local, state and federal officers, officials announced Friday.

Frederick County’s state attorney, police and sheriff’s department teamed up with state police and Homeland Security Investigations to make one of the largest heroin and fentanyl busts in its recent history.

The bust took place from May 2016 to June 2016.

Police arrested eight people in connection with the case. One suspect, Alexandra Kastner, is still at large, police said. Alleged dealers now lace or cut heroin with fentanyl, a prescription drug known to be heroin’s deadlier cousin. It is 100 times more powerful than morphine and cheaper to produce.

“If it’s cut and distributed, that’s hundreds of people that could of bought this stuff, hundreds of people that could of conceivably faced overdose,” said Maryland State Police Major Robert Smolek.

The investigation was prompted by a recent spike in heroin overdoses. Police said that there has been around 160 in the county this year, surpassing last year’s total.

During the bust, police also detained 18 firearms — some were handguns and others were long guns — $4,500, four vehicles and other contraband in connection with the investigation.

According to police, Frederick County is a hotbed for drug trafficking.